Catherine Black is a Canadian-American director-writer, actress, visual artist and acting coach in Los Angeles and Toronto. Tackling feminist themes in her work, she is driven to tell stories about people overcoming adversity. The main concepts that run through Catherines’ art are empathy and how the unconscious drives characters towards some form of liberation from their suffering. Having studied various acting techniques in Toronto, Los Angeles and the UK, and as an acting instructor herself, Catherine has a passion for the craft of acting, actors and breaking down a script so each role best serves the story and authentically comes to life.



“ Catherine Black delivers a sly, dark little horror-comedy that looks at the complicated dynamics of dysfunctional friendships….blessed with fine performances, great cinematography, a tight script, and a fabulous soundtrack: sweet synths, riot grrl, melodic indie rock, and some sinister-sounding scoring… it’s a wicked joy to watch the two deliver Girl Trip‘s cruel humour.”

~ Anatomy of Scream

“The relationship between the leads – with Catherine directing – is dripping with unresolved issues, and their chemistry on screen is fantastic. When the action starts it will definitely have you cheering and laughing.”

~ Nightmarish Conjurings


“Catherine’s work is passionately invested. Her directing has genius in it. Catherine not only protects her actors, making them feel safe, she also guides them into the depths of the story that they had never perceived.”

~Stuart Rogers



“…Your film was so much fun to watch with our audience and the ending just sticks with you. So disturbing, funny, and sadly very true..”

~ Ax Wound Film Festival


“Catherine Black has certainly put together all the elements necessary to make a solid love story: great performances, soothing music and a beautiful setting… one truly beautiful piece of film… a film that leaves one thinking in the end.”

~ The Arts Guild

“..she sees far into the dark tunnel and her mind lights the places where many of us are incapable of going… the sense of detail one needs to make films that matter… When Catherine makes a film or researches a project she is all in and has the sensibility of a perfectionist.”

~Layne Coleman