Like Nothing Happened


A happily married couple struggles to keep their love alive after a miscarriage shatters their dream of starting a family.

Directed by Catherine Black
Starring Pilar Holland, Jeremy Andorfer Lopez
Written by Katina Nikou, Daniel Tuttel
Produced by Pilar Holland
Original Score by Ryan Rapsys
Cinematography by Senda Bonnet
A Black and Red Production

Best Drama WINNER Rock The Shorts Film Festival (2021)

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The Iron Cross


On November 10th 1938, a German Jewish family is forced to separate. After two years on the run, random synchronistic events, and the rescue network for children in Nazi-occupied France, two young brothers barely make it out of Europe.

Written and Directed by Catherine Black

Based on a true story

A Cat Black Film in association with Sinasound Post


Photo credit: screengrab from “We The Animals” 2018








A desperate actress with narcolepsy moves back home and struggles to accept the dying wishes of her disabled sister in a Christian cult and the dysfunctional family she ran away from, while trying to figure out what to do for a living.

Written and Directed by Catherine Black
A Cat Black Film

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Dark Comedy | Horror | Thriller

A fun road trip ends in murder and mayhem when hidden resentments between best friends surface and everyone learns the hard way never to get in the middle of a catfight.

Directed by Catherine Black
Co-Written by: Catherine Black, Brooke Lenzi
Cinematography by: Matthew Boyd
Produced by: Catherine Black
Edited by: Travis Flournoy
Sound Design by: Jason Stare
VFX: Derrek Ligas
Color Correction: Jason Knutzen
Original Score Composed by: Ryan Rapsys
Additional Music: Cellars, Wayne Andrews with Leah MacLeod, Ferraby Lionheart, Le Switch, James Houlahan, Marc Corominas – Chem Music Project

Worldwide distribution with Horror Collective and Entertainment Squad 

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Diabolical Horror Film Festival Carnage Award (2019) – Best Short WINNER, Independent Horror Movie Awards (2018) – Best Director WINNER (Catherine Black), Independent Horror Movie Awards (2018) – Best Cinematography WINNER (Matthew Boyd), Independent Horror Movie Awards (2018) – Best Twist WINNER, Hollyshorts (2017) – Audience Choice WINNER


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De Puta madre a love story

Surreal Drama | Dark Comedy 

An idyllic picnic turns dangerous, forcing a kidnapped woman to struggle with her delusional ex-lover in a surreal exploration of love, obsession, and letting go.

Writer/Director: Catherine Black
Producer: Catherine Black, Jason Stare
Cinematographer: Bradley Stonesifer
Actors: Catherine Black & Pierluca Arancio
Costume Designer: Kaitlin Weichsel
Composer: Mark Kondracki
Additional Original Music: Sea Of Bees
Editor: Travis Flournoy
Sound Designer: Chance Pemberton

WINNER Best Director 2015 London IFF
WINNER Best Cinematography 2014 Columbia Gorge IFF
WINNER Best Lead Actress 2014 Madrid IFF
Special Mention 2015 I Filmmaker IFF


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